How To Play

Okay, here are some creative ways to improve your event with The POINT BLANK CHALLENGE Target Game:

ON THE RANGE >  Set up the target 36′ away from the Tee Area (you CAN set it further away, but NOT any closer).  Invite players to grab a mid-iron and “take a chance” for, say,  $5 per swing/3 for $10.  If someone hits the target, reward them with a prize based on the area they hit!  NOTE > PBC INSERTS can receive up to a DOZEN HITS so there’s NO NEED TO REPLACE them during the contest.

For prizes, most will use Pro Shop Gift Certificates (i.e., $25 for White Area, $50 for Green Area, $75 for INSIDE the BALL, $100 for a Piece of the Black Circle and $200 for the Bull’s Eye!).  Of course, Ipods, Tablets, Ipads & Big Screen TV’s are other PRIZES that can generate excitement!

ON THE COURSE > Choose a wide-open FLAT Tee (preferably a Par 5 where you might expect to wait a bit, anyway).  Use YELLOW or ORANGE Balls for easy pick-up & have plenty of them.  To be extra cautious, use a Driving Range MAT on the Tee AND/OR a 9′ PRACTICE NET behind the Target (Note > these items can be purchased on the internet for $50 – $75).

INSTRUCTORS > Golf Professional clients have found that the Point Blank Challenge can be a FUN ADDITION to your CLINICS and even Private Lessons!  A player can’t “cast the club” and hit the target.  Over time, they learn to “trap” the ball by setting their wrists sooner in the takeaway.  A 5, 6 or 7 Iron  would be the clubs of choice for most players.

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