Point Blank Golf

Here’s an exciting Skills Game that Golfers will WANT to try again & again:


Contestants try to Hit THROUGH a stationary Target resulting in well-defined HOLES in the substrate – The BEST SHOT WINS!

WINNING PRIZES for striking closest to the CENTER SPOT is, of course, up to YOU but just “taking the Challenge” will create an infectious atmosphere of competition and fun!

“The first time I put this up on our range prior to a tournament, folks lined up to try it out.  Now, after a year, if I don’t put out the Point Blank Challenge for EVERY EVENT we hold, people come into the Pro Shop looking for it.  MY MEMBERS & THEIR GUESTS ARE CRAZY ABOUT THIS TARGET GAME!”

Andrew McCormick, PGA, Millenium Golf Properties, Edmond, OK

“4 Years ago, I needed a frame to hold glass that my clients could take a shot at. Bob Dunbar came up with the concept of the portable, sturdy, reusable hardware.  It amazes me that AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, THE HARDWARE IS STILL GOING STRONG!”

Joe Gill, The Golf Consultancy @ Doral C.C. Miami, FL

“I FOUND IT! The Point Blank Challenge is EXACTLY the answer to my needs. It’s portable, well designed and, especially, SAFE.  I’ll use it at every event!” <UPDATE: Eric used his PBC at all 30 EVENTS in 2013. Many won prizes for hitting the Target BUT only ONE PERSON won the top prize (set of irons) for hitting the Bull’s Eye. BD.>

Eric Tracy, The Mulligan Man Golf Events, Los Angeles, CA